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Value of Safety  during choosing your bus operator

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Security is the keyword in this area of ​​activity. It will already be necessary to ensure that the bus drivers are well fit. Bus drivers must have a category D driver’s license (not B, which is the basic driver’s license that everyone has). This license is issued after specific training and must be renewed every 5 years after a medical examination (every year for drivers over 60 years old).

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It is also essential that the company respects the rules of driving time. A simple way to make sure: you will normally be offered 2 drivers if your journey exceeds 9 hours (maximum time allowed per driver per day).

Finally, it may be wise to check the bus fleet of the company. Either the photos on the website or the buses that we see passing under the name of the bus company. Indeed, a recent bus fleet or at least well maintained will ensure the seriousness of the coach.

The qualities of a bus operator

In addition to the legal obligations that the bus operator must fulfill, bus services Singapore  choosing a bus company according to the services offered and the quality of the services makes sense. Here are some of the criteria that you can study.


Have you received a quick response to your quote request online (or by phone)? Did the bus company make you a proposal for fares and services in the days that followed? Has he readjusted his offer according to your needs and remarks? Is this bus operator accommodating? All these questions, in the beginning of the commercial relation, are already indicators of the reactivity and the flexibility of the renter, also guarantee of its reactivity and its flexibility later, after signature, on the progress of the service