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Know more about the Lidl Stores

lidl opening hours

Lidl is a German Global discount supermarket chain headquartered in Neckarsulm, Germany. They have stores across the Europe and United States. Only place where don’t have any shop in Europe is Latvia and Estonia. Apart from that they have complete presence across the Europe Union. It was started in 1930 as a wholesale general food seller. They lost entire business during Second World War and reconstruction of the business back to normal took them a decade. In 1977, they began to take interest in the discount markets and opened 33 discount retailer shops across the country.

Venturing into United Kingdom and Unites States

By 1994, they have grown enough to open their first discount store in United States and currently holding around 5 % in grocery market. Though percentage seems to be too small, almost 50 % shoppers visited either their shop or their competitor shop during the Christmas season which shows their rapidly growing stature in the market. Currently they have around 650 stores spread out for the customers.

lidl opening hours

Their entry into the large United States customer base delayed for another decade and they started their operations in 2015 only in the States. Their headquarters for United States operation is situated in Arlington in the state of Virginia. Over the years they have increased their market share in the United Sales also. They started with 20 stores and have put up target is 100 plus stores by the end of 2018. They pass on the benefits of zero waste no frill policy to the customers. Generally, they had single store in Europe where they produce the food and send it across the supply chain.

At present they have over 10000 stores around the world. But they never tried opening any store apart from United States and European Union. Normally, lidl opening hours are between 8 AM to 9 PM and on Sundays they open late around 11 AM and close early by 5 PM. These timings will differ during the festive time of Christmas and that information can be taken by calling the stores directly.