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Basic Cameras for Video Production


Do you want to start a video channel or aim to be the director of a short film? Do you not know where to start?Making a video is not that tough a job but making the right kind of video is an attempt to be appreciated. But to do so, the right kind of camera is required. There are several cameras on the market.However, to find the perfect one to get the job done and to be within the budget is a problematic thing. Here is a guide of budget cameras you can use for your standard video.

Mobile Phone Cameras

You might think that I am out of my mind but over the years, themobile phone camera has excelled with itscamera qualities and thatis no joke. Many branded companies like iPhone and Samsungprovide high-quality picture definition. These phones have a stable camera with decent picture quality thatcould not be differentiated from the professional ones. Moreover, they are small and can be taken anywhere freely without carrying any license for shooting.

There are two advantages to these though:

  1. These cameras provide some decent videos but one thing they lack is the audios. While some camerashave goodzoom quality,the inbuilt speaker lacks behind in this aspect when the object is far away. Hence, one has to have a spare microphone to record theaudio.
  2. The storage space becomes an issue too. Even though mobile phones are now available with 32GB and 64GB variations, they are not reliable forshooting long videos. This becomes a greater problem. If your focus is on short videos for your blog then this is a good option. Moreover, you can edit your video on your phone itself and directly upload it without many


Camcorders were extremely famous for video recording. The best thing that makes this so famous is that it is simple to use with many features available for a quality video. These camcorders reduce the disadvantages associated with phones; they have an inbuilt microphone to record audio that isfar out of reach. No doubt,an external microphone would still be a better option but that’s fine. A camcorder gives 4K resolution with brilliant zoom-in facilities, which makes it a better option for long videos.


These two cameras can be of use to you if you want to have a budgeted video. These options are definitely worth your money. As a beginner, these would be the simplest alternatives. Look at fmovies to see the wide variety of modes shot with these cameras.