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How To Level Up In Apex Legends?

To Level Up In Apex Legends

As the apex legends free download link is available to various users, the number of users is increasing significantly. The developers of this Battle Royale games is characterized by three different types of currency. These currencies include tokens and crafting materials. They can be collected throughout the game campaigns. And the third type of currency is Apex Coin which can only be purchased.

Thus, if you want to obtain these currencies in the game then you need to focus on some things. Usually, the more tokens and materials you gain, the fast you will level up. The few tricks that would work like wonders to level up your character are here:

Tip 1: Number of Kills

The easiest way to gain the points is to go for the kills. Your main motive during the game campaigns should be killing as many of your opponents as you can. Even if you just do damage to the enemies life, it will still give you points to level up.

Tip 2: Play With Friends

If you play co-op together then there are 5% more bonuses for the survival to each player. And if your team is good enough and you make it to the top 3 teams, then you will gain 300 XP more points.

Tip 3: Survive As Long As Possible

During the game campaigns just killing is not enough, you need to stay put until the end of the game. The longer you last in the game, the higher number of XPs you will earn from being alive.

How To Level Up In Apex Legends

Tip 4: Kill the Champions

If you kill the champions of the game, you get 500 XP at once. Plus, it is easy to identify the champions in the game as they are flagged during each campaign.

Tip 5: Kill A Leader

If you kill the leader of the team against which you are competing, then you have better chances to earn more XPs. Thus, during the battle royale, you have a lot of opportunities to gather the points you need to level up in the game.

As you can see, there are various ways that can be used in the game to earn points and level up faster than others. To make sure that you earn a lot of XPs in the game, the only thing you need to do is to play as often as possible. The more you play, the more you earn. The Apex Legends was downloaded by more than 1 million users on the day it was released. And since that day, the game’s popularity has only increased. Within a month, the game has gained more than 25 million players worldwide. Even though the game still doesn’t have a mobile phone version, the players are increasing very fast. And the fans of Apex Legends are just waiting for the day when the game will be available for the mobile phone users. Until then, you can only enjoy the game on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.