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Murder Mystery Dinner: Tips to Ace the Investigation

pinellas county florida theater train

Prepare your magnifying glasses! Or perhaps, wine glasses?

The pinellas county florida theater train is known for its uniqueness and luxurious taste of gourmet food, interesting tours, and delicious wines. Now, it’s bringing a new thrilling and exciting event for wine and mystery enthusiasts to experience the new trend of theatre train.

So, if you like to experience an Agatha Christie-style mystery case like “The Murder on the Orient Express,” it’s now your opportunity to try this theater train. The tour will take passengers on a three-hour trip where they need to solve a 1920’s murder mystery. Aside from the wine and intrigue, passengers have the chance to dine on a gourmet dinner prepared by an executive and world-class chef.

Passengers will collaborate to unlock clues and gather necessary information before the culprit escapes. And the most exciting part is, the passengers are encouraged to wear clothes inspired in the 1920’s era. It includes clothes designs like flapper dresses, pin-stripe suits, fedoras, and fringe.

The murder mystery train will run its tours on the particular days between April and November. The exciting and thrilling journey will start at 5:30 pm, and passengers will begin to board the train at exactly 6 pm.

pinellas county florida theater train

For you to ace the investigation in this murder mystery case, here are the following tips to consider:

  1. Dive into Character

It’s a common approach for a theater train to have a theme. For instance, Henderson Castle’s murder mystery train tour is set during the era of the 1920s to 30s with unique plots and original characters. As mentioned earlier, passengers are required to wear clothes that will match the themed. So guests will have a lot of fun while getting into the character to solve the mysteries. Overall, it is an opportunity to become someone and escape reality for one night.

  1. Talk with the Other Guests

For you to solve the murder mystery case, you need to collaborate with other guests. Doing collaboration will help you gather clues and important information. But remember, one of the guests presents on the train could be the murderer. Or perhaps, it could be you. That’s why it’s crucial to know who your allies are at the beginning of the game. Though other characters will also help you out, some people are there to make you confuse.

Don’t be sad or disappointed if other characters will act as a cold person; they probably hiding a secret they don’t want others to find out.

  1. Keep Your Secrets

Your role will vary depending on your assignment before the game begins. You could be the victim, witness, accomplice to the crime, or the murderer. During the whole tour, don’t forget to keep your mouth shut about your character. Also, don’t hesitate to eavesdrop other character’s conversations, you’ll never know, you might get valuable information or clues from them.