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Diagnosis and treatment of stomach cancer

treatment of stomach cancer

The gut is a J-shaped organ of the digestive tract that connects the esophagus into the intestinal tract. Stomach or gastric cancer is a cancerous growth occurring in the lining of the gut. It is a very common problem with more than 1 million people annually, succumbing to this illness. Factors include infection smoking, and eating smoked and salty food. The diagnosis of gastric cancer often involves an examination of the stomach, an upper endoscopy using a tool called gastro scope in addition to taking a biopsy or sampling of cancer cells. When the identification is made, the determination of the degree of cancer is made with an examination. Moreover, routine blood tests including complete blood count CBC, and liver function tests, in addition to chest X-ray are obtained through the first evaluation.

gastric cancer

The staging of stomach cancer is important since the prognosis of person is determined by the staging of cancer. Patients with the phase 1 cancer have a 5 year survival rate of 71%, compared to 4% for those with stage 4 cancer. The therapy of stomach cancer depends on the stage, size, and location of the tumor, in addition to the health of the person that is affected. Treatment options may include surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation treatment. Surgery is curative in phase 1 stomach cancer. In cancer, a combination of stomach cancer surgery Singapore, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy may be used. Commonly used agents include cisplatin, Adriamycin, mitomycin, and 5-FU. In addition, some patients might benefit from a new class of cancer treatment such as Herceptin.