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Have Met An Accident And The Driver Is Drunk End It With Advocating


If you are driving a car, you will be aware about the opposite drivers easily, if they are following the traffic rules, they are in the normal state of mind. If any driver is going right and left and going over speed means, it is sure that the driver is completely out of conscious. Now you have to drive carefully to avoid the major accident. At the same time, the drunken driver will be hitting the car, damaging the car and you will as well get the injuries in the body. Now all you have to contact the dui lawyer who is available near to your place, because only this kind of lawyer can argue well and get the compensation for you, the other lawyers also can argue, but the professional dui lawyer will be handling the case wisely. The lawyer will be submitting all the papers to the court.

The requirement of the court in any case, for drunk

The drunken case, should have the proper evidence otherwise, there will not be any claim for the case. Therefore, if the drunken driver is hitting the car, making accident, you should contact the police station first; the police will take the driver and take the alcohol test, if the excess alcohol in the body is found the case is strong. In general the human body will have the alcohol for a little percentage, when the person is drinking alcohol, the percentage of the alcohol will be more, this is the evidence for the court, and the judge will check the case paper from the police station record. After that, the judge will decide to give punishment for the car driver who made the accident due to alcohol influence. The judge will send the car driver to prison for six months. Apart from that, there will be a cash punishment for the driver; apart from this the judge will inform the insurance company to pay the huge amount as compensation. This money is enough for the repairing car, taking treatment in the leading hospital of the city.

The insurance companies are charging more premiums for the car owners with the habit of drinking alcohol; therefore the insurance company will not have any difficulty in paying the compensation amount for the affected person. Not only that, the insurance company should pay the money if anyone is injured in the road accident, the premium money collected by them is only for paying the compensations, when the car or car driver or the third party is getting injuries on the road due to the road accidents. Therefore, if you are not cooperating the advocate, you cannot get any benefit from the insurance company, all you have to obey the lawyer to get all the benefits from the insurance company for claiming the compensation. The insurance companies are not accepting to pay the money if the insurance is one hour delayed payment, therefore, the car owners are paying the insurance premium on time, you have to understand this well.