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What Are The Features Of A Go Kart?

Go Karts Features and Reviews

A Go-Kart is an open wheel vehicle that can be driven around and has the build which is similar to an F1 car.

Go Karts are increasingly becoming more and more popular owing to their sleek build, high speed and ease of driving.

Here are the complete Go Karts Features and Reviews so that you can know a Go-Kart better:


In spite of having a large range of models, the basic features of a Go Kart are still the same. Take a look


Depending upon whether the Go Karts are for adults or kids, the engine build can be either 200cc or 120cc, most cars to have a 200cc engine.

The top speed could be as fast as or even exceed 40mph for the adult version and over 25mph for kids. That is packing some serious drive owing to the low floor build and sharp turns of a typical go-karting track.


The Nexus from which you control the whole kart, its main function is directing the rear wheels to the direction you turn the wheel in. The steering wheel is quite a lot sensitive to use because of the slight build of a traditional Go-Kart.

Go Karts Features and Reviews


The seat is either dense plastic or fiberglass made so that you can easily adjust it and fit in right.


Combined with steering, you need to learn to use pedals to race a Go-Kart effectively. There are two types of pedals ― an accelerator pedal and a brake pedal.

Karts also have an anti-double pedaling tech which doesn’t allow you to brake and accelerate at the same time.


A Go-Kart is equipped with a twin-tube chassis which is built in a way that it is light and streamlined to allow for more degree of response. It also has shock-absorbers made of rubber and mounted on chassis to protect the kart.


Another crucial safety feature is the bumpers fitted on the front and rear. They are used to absorb the shock of an impact if you end up colliding with something. They are made of heavy-duty plastic


The tires have a wider girth – comparable to F1 cars – to provide them with a surface for contact to increase lateral traction. It means you don’t lose much speed at the corners. However, you should know how to drive a kart before attempting sharp turns.