Dating has become a strenuous activity for many people in relationships, gay or heterosexual. People today would rather go on dates than committing to one person. It is therefore easy to meet someone you went on a date with yesterday with someone else today just as you are doing and there will be no hard feelings. Sometimes it does sound ridiculous but in essence, it is the way things are today. Many people have experienced so many hardships when it comes to dating exclusively that they no longer wear their hearts on a sleeve. Going on dates is definitely safer and this is one of the reasons why the gay dating app is popular.

Fear of rejection

Many gays face a lot of condemnation and rejection from society. This has affected the personality of many gays who worry about approaching someone they are interested in. This is especially true if the person you are interested in is still in the closet. Such a person will likely lash out and embarrass you just to cover the shame he thinks his sexual orientation is. Rather than risk going through this, many gays use the gay dating app because people sharing the same sexual orientation will be found there and they will not react as badly towards their proposition as someone who is still in hiding would.

Commitment phobia

It has become quite common for people to go on dates without labeling their relationship. It is safer this way because expectations are narrowed and there is room to meet other people without the other person feeling cheated. The use of the gay dating app has made it possible for many gays to test the waters in a bid to figure out who they like and what they like without feeling like they owe anyone commitment.

Country restrictions

In some countries, gay bars or even going on a gay date is unheard of and it would not be tolerated. It is not that there are no gays in these countries, it is that they are forbidden from publicly showing their sexual orientation. This has made it very difficult for gays in these countries to meet people sharing the same interests. The use of the gay dating app has made life easier and less frustrating for gays in countries facing restrictions because now they can meet other gays without infringing on the set laws that have outlawed gay relationships.