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Majestic view of dewasanzan stays in you forever


Yamabushi is referred to the priests or monks who take part in the rituals that take place in the mountains seeking for enlightenment and rebirth.

The word Yamabushi is made using two parts one is Yama that means mountains and the other one is Fushi that means bow down in worship or promulgate, the meaning of the word hence, means the mountain worshipper.

Talking about the originality there was a ritual for each season from the four seasons but nowadays there are only two rituals one is Autumn Peak Ritual or such known as Aki-no-mini-iri and the other term being Winter Peak Ritual referred in the language as Fuyu-no-mine-iri.

The sacred mountain of Haguro is the centre of Haguro Shugendo a religion bringing a person close to nature and brings a chance to discover the true self.


The holy rebirth Journey:

It is possible for a person to climb the three of the dewasanzan in just one day but it is certainly not easy to climb these in one single day. For the same, it is necessary to take time while climbing the mountain in order to appreciate the beauty of the Sacred Mountain. There are about 2,446 stones step and it will take around one hour to climb the mountain and one hour to climb down the mountain. The public transport in the region can be infrequent and it is highly advised to note down the timings of the same. By far the easiest way to get to the place is by a car and it is easy to rent a car depending on the number this can be proven as the cheapest option. Near to the Mt. Yudono bus stop which is below the temple, there is a small shopping centre with a number of restaurants and many souvenir shops.

It is quite affordable to take bus ticket which will cost around 2,000 yen between the route from the Tsuruoka station and Mt. Yudono, there is around 1,500 yen price for a trip between Mt. Haguro and Mt. Yudono. The bus does not go to the top of Mt. Haguro and it might be a problem to switch between the buses to get back to the base station. From Mt. Yudono there are three busses at 10:35, 1:30 and at 4:15 that will take a person to the base.